Download Minecraft Launcher – Krothium Launcher

June 8, 2017
Arturo Enriquez

Krothium Launcher

Krothium launcher allow you to play old Release, Snapshot, Alpha, Beta versions of the game. It supports all mods which doesn’t require premium account. You can login using Free account, Premium account or Krothium account. It also has ability to save multiple accounts. You can change your Minecraft skin using Krothium launcher skin system. Others who use the same skin system will be able to see your skin. Launcher include many different settings, which allow you to customize launcher with own background and other settings for Minecraft (e.g. allocate RAM, custom java arguments,…).

Website official:


  • Support skins and layers in Singleplayer
  • Support all Minecraft versions (including snapshots)
  • Support to choose the username you want
  • Based on the original launcher
  • Support for mods
  • Multilanguage!
  • It’s free!